Ilford Islamic Centre have a Funeral Committee. This committee deals with all the above and facilitates our Funeral Membership.  All the details can be found in the FUNERAL COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP FORM which can be downloaded and handed in to the office.



Ilford Islamic Centre have been acting as Undertakers for many years now. We understand that dealing with funerals can be distressing for the family. Ilford Islamic Centre is here to help in any way possible.

  • The Masjid is availble for hosting Janaza prayers at any time subject to sufficient notice being given.
  • We provide a Ghusl service – this includes provision of Kaffan.
  • We provide an ambulance and hearse service so we can collect the deceased from hospital and transport to the cemetary or the airport if the body is to be taken for burial overseas.

The main information is summarised below but feel free to print the FUNERAL PROCEDURES form for reference.

The family must arrange for the official release of the body from the hospital.
The hospital will advise you which coroner to contact.
You must get a GREEN FORM / BURIAL FORM from the REGISTRAR
Provide us with this form and we will arrange everything else.

Contacts at the Centre
Mohammad Ashfaq – 07958 508 665
Gultasib Hussain – 07958 068 884
Mustak Patel – 07958 244 726